General Activity Guide



“Mandatory” – Participation in the event is required.

“Encouraged” – While students are not required to participate, we feel that the activity would benefit them.

“By Registration” – Students who wish to participate must inform the office and pay any fee by the stated deadline.



VCS – Victory Christian School

ACSI – Association of Christian Schools International, our accrediting body

School Memo

Goal: To keep parents informed about school events and activities

A School Memo is sent home each Wednesday and is posted to the website each Thursday. This memo contains corrections to the schedule, reminders of upcoming events, and needs that the school may have. PLEASE ask your student for, and read, this memo each week. While not everything may pertain to your student, you do not want to miss out on the information that you need. We often get calls asking for information that was contained in the memo.

School Pictures

Goal: To have pictures of each student for the yearbook

Participation: Mandatory

Individual school yearbook pictures are taken at the beginning of the year, usually in September. A packet of information, including an order form, will be sent home with your students a few days before Picture Day. Class pictures will also be taken on Picture Day. There will be a make-up picture day for those who were absent on picture day, or need to retake their pictures. Class pictures will not be retaken. Those who wish to order individual pictures or class pictures must have their order form returned to the school by Picture Day.

Bake Sales

Goal: To encourage students to use their money to help others (a form of Christian service)

Participation: Encouraged

Victory Christian School sponsors a deaf student in Mexico each year, enabling them to attend a Christian school. The money raised through our bake sales helps to buy their school uniform, books, and other school supplies. According to the sponsorship association's website, "A typical deaf child in Mexico does not have access to language or education, resulting in a significant number of children largely unreached by the Gospel.” Also, this city "has a population of almost one million, and [the school attended] appears to be the only school designed especially for the deaf." Thanks to the support raised by our monthly bake sales, our student learns Mexican sign language and the Gospel, along with their other studies.

Our school holds a bake sale most months of the school year to raise money for our deaf student. Each month, certain grades are assigned to bring one dozen baked goods or treats. The treats are then sold to the students during lunchtime. Most items are priced between $0.25 and $1. The bake sale and the grades assigned to bring treats are announced in the School Memo at least one week in advance. Please send treats with your student when his/her grade is assigned to bring them. And please also send some money with your student whenever there is a bake sale, to help support this worthy cause.

Operation Christmas Child

Goal: To encourage students to think of others less fortunate than themselves, and to give them a tangible way of helping the needy around the world (a form of Christian service)

Participation: Encouraged

Each year, VCS participates in Operation Christmas Child (OCC). OCC, a ministry of Samaritan's Purse, asks people to fill a shoe box (or similar sized box) with toys, clothing, and hygiene items. These boxes are then shipped to needy countries and given to trained local churches. These churches invite the children in the area to a special Christmas program, where the Gospel is presented and the gifts are given to the children. Extensive information can be found at if you are interested in further details.

OCC is presented to VCS students at a fall chapel, and the students are asked to bring items to fill the gift boxes. The guidelines for items and the deadline for bringing them are announced in the School Memo. These items are then screened according to the OCC guidelines and laid out on tables for packing into the boxes. The students pack the boxes in a special combined chapel in October, and pray for the recipients. Many boxes that VCS packs are delivered to children in Mexico, but they have gone to other countries as well (Zambia in 2017; Ecuador, Panama, & Mexico in 2018). Please participate as much as you are able. Dollar stores and the bargain bin at many retailers are great places to look for items of low cost that can change a life.

Thanksgiving Lunch

Goal: To encourage a family atmosphere and fun across grades

Participation: By Registration

Thanksgiving Lunch is a fun time of fellowship for the students of VCS. Thanksgiving Lunch occurs the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. On this day, VCS orders Dion's pizza and provides salad and soda. Elementary and Secondary students eat lunch together and have recess together afterwards. This event requires registration and payment to receive lunch. Parents are encouraged to come eat with their student(s). Information including the cost and registration deadline is printed in the School Memo in advance.


Goal: To allow VCS leadership to plan for the next year

Participation: Encouraged

Re-enrollment packets are given out at Parent/Teacher Conferences at the beginning of January. Letting VCS know that you plan to re-enroll your student(s) assists greatly in planning for the coming school year. Also, there is a discount available to those who re-enroll by the end of January.

Frey Day

Goal: To give students a day of rest during a busy season, and to give families a three day weekend together

Participation: Mandatory

One day during the school year is declared “Frey Day”, named for Principal Frey. This is to break up the calendar between Presidents Day and Easter, or Easter and the end of the year. Frey Day is on a Monday, to give an extra three day weekend in March or April opposite of Easter. This gives students an extra day off from school, and gives families an opportunity to do something together. This day is included on the school calendar received at the beginning of the year, and announced in the School Memo.

See You at the Pole & VCS Day of Prayer

Goal: To remind students of our responsibility to pray to God on a regular basis

Participation:  -Encouraged for See You at the Pole

-Mandatory for the VCS Day of Prayer

See You at the Pole is a day of prayer for students and faculty around the nation. Students all over the United States come early to school to pray around their flag pole. This day is usually in the fall and is announced in the School Memo.

Valentine's Day (or a day close to it) is declared the VCS day of prayer. Each class has an opportunity to go to the sanctuary and talk about prayer with the administration and student council and then to pray in small groups.

Christian Service

Goal: To encourage students to minister to others

Participation: Mandatory

All students participate in at least one Christian Service project each year. This gives students a chance to minister to others in the name of Jesus. Elementary Christian Service Project activities and date are chosen by the classroom teacher. The Secondary Christian Service Project Day is scheduled on the calendar, and the activities are chosen by the individual service project teams. Activities have included visits to day cares, yard work for childrens' homes, and assisting at food banks, among other things. Elementary teachers will send home a note with the day, activity, and any supplies that are needed when they have scheduled their project. Secondary leaders will let their team know if any supplies will be needed before Christian Service Day.

Mother Daughter Banquet

Goal: To celebrate mothers by bringing mothers and daughters together

Participation: By Registration

All female students and their mothers are invited to attend the Mother Daughter Banquet at Alameda Bible Church (VCS's sponsor church). Details are included in the School Memo in advance of the event, and registration is requested.


As VCS is a small school, parent participation is extremely valuable. Please consider volunteering your time at least once or twice a year. Volunteers are needed to help chaperone field trips, judge speech meet or spelling bee, prepare lunches, and help as other needs arise. If you are unsure how you could help, please talk to the office.


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