Secondary Activity Guide



“Mandatory” – Participation in the event is required.

“Encouraged” – While students are not required to participate, we feel that the activity would benefit them.

“By Registration” – Students who wish to participate must inform the office and pay any fee by the stated deadline.



VCS – Victory Christian School

ACSI – Association of Christian Schools International, our accrediting body

Spirit Retreat

Goal: To encourage students in their faith and to encourage everyone to start the school year well

Participation: Mandatory

Each year at the beginning of school, VCS takes all its Secondary students on an overnight retreat. They drive to Hummingbird Music Camp in the Jemez mountains for two days of fun and spiritual refreshment. The speaker is chosen each year by Mr. Frey, and speaking topics are chosen by the speaker. Complete information is sent home with students at the beginning of the year.

Speech Meet

Goal: To give students experience in public speaking

Participation: Mandatory for those taking Speech & Composition

All students taking Speech & Composition are required to participate in Speech Meet. Mrs. Frey will work with your student to select an appropriate item (story, devotional, etc) to present. Your student will then perform their selection in front of their class and a panel of three volunteer judges.

Students are evaluated on inflection, meaning, rate, volume, enthusiasm, attitude, and memorization. Those receiving “Superior” or “Excellent” scores are announced in the School Memo.

Spelling Bee

Goal: To encourage proper spelling

Participation: By Registration

Students in 7th and 8th grades are allowed to participate in the VCS Spelling Bee. Students who wish to participate must sign up in the school office and pay a small fee. Students will then spell against the other students in their grade, in front of a panel of three volunteer judges. The students who receive 1st and 2nd place in their grade will continue to the ACSI NM District spelling bee. Those who win at the District spelling bee have an opportunity to advance further. Winners of the VCS spelling bee and the ACSI spelling bee will be listed in the School Memo.

Drama & the Drama Yard Sale

Goal: To help students become comfortable giving a public performance

Participation: Encouraged

Each year the Centurion Players present a recognized play under the direction of Mrs. Frey and Mr. Zahn. Tryouts occur in the spring, with Mrs. Frey announcing the play and assigning parts a few days later. Students who wish to participate must commit to after-school rehearsal 4 - 5 days a week. Tryouts are announced in the School Memo. Mrs. Frey provides a schedule of required dates and times at tryouts.

To help pay the costs of producing each year's play, a yard sale is held on a Saturday in April. Donations of yard sale-worthy items that you no longer need are greatly appreciated. Please also come by the yard sale to pick up some new treasures and support the Centurion Players.


Secondary students are offered the opportunity to take various standardized tests each year. Certain of these tests are required for certain grades, in order to maintain our college prep curriculum standards.


Goal: To maintain our college prep curriculum status

Participation: Mandatory for 11th grade students; Optional for 12th grade students

All students in 11th grade are required to take the ACT in the spring. The cost of this test is paid by the student, and the testing occurs off campus at a local ACT testing site. Students in 12th grade may take the ACT again if they wish to improve their score.


Goal: To offer standardized testing for college entrance

Participation: Encouraged

All students may take the SAT or the PSAT. The cost of this test is paid by the student, and testing occurs on campus. Students who are interested should speak to Mr. Frey.

Advanced Placement (AP)

Goal: To offer standardized testing for college course credits

Participation: Encouraged

AP testing is offered to all students in 11th and 12th grades in May of each year. The costs of these tests are paid by the student, and the testing occurs on campus. Students who are interested should speak to Mr. Frey or to Mr. Miller.

Achievement Testing

Goal: To evaluate the VCS program and individual students

Participation: Mandatory

In the spring of school years ending in even numbers (example 2019-20), students in 7th-10th grades take a series of standardized achievement tests. These tests are taken at school through the course of the week. They are designed to measure your student's academic progress over a wide variety of subjects. This testing helps VCS evaluate individual student progress, as well as our overall school program. The dates for this testing are on the school calendar at the beginning of each year that it is taken, and are announced in the School Memo as testing dates approach.


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