Elementary Activity Guide



“Mandatory” – Participation in the event is required.

“Encouraged” – While students are not required to participate, we feel that the activity would benefit them.

“By Registration” – Students who wish to participate must inform the office and pay any fee by the stated deadline.



VCS – Victory Christian School

ACSI – Association of Christian Schools International, our accrediting body

Field Trips

Goal: To supplement classroom learning with learning activities

Participation: Mandatory

Field trips are organized from time to time and are the responsibility of the individual classroom teachers. Field trips allow for your student to experience the subjects that they are learning in a different way. Information regarding the field trip and a permission slip for the trip will be sent home with your student several days ahead of time. Permission slips must be filled out and turned in for your student to participate. Students who need child safety seats or booster seats are required to bring them for the field trip. Those without a signed permission slip or an appropriate safety seat will be required to stay at school under the care of another teacher.

Elementary Programs

Goal: To give students experience performing in front of an audience, and to allow families to see the progress of their students

Participation: Mandatory

Elementary students produce three programs each year under the direction of Mr. Miller. The Christmas Program is performed shortly before Christmas break. The Elementary Showcase is performed in the second semester of the year. Kindergarten Graduation is held at the end of the school year. Dates and times are included on your school calendar and announced in advance in the School Memo. A note with dress requirements will be sent home before each program. Please invite your family and friends to see your student perform in these programs.

Speech Meet

Goal: to give students experience in public speaking

Participation: Mandatory

All 1st through 6th grade students are required to participate in Speech Meet. Your student's teacher will help your student select an appropriate piece (poem, short story, Scripture passage, etc.) for your student to memorize. These selections will be given to your student well in advance of their due date. Your student will then perform their memorized selection in front of their class and a panel of three volunteer judges. All students who receive a “Superior” or an “Excellent” continue on to the ACSI NM District speech meet.

Students are evaluated on clarity (enunciation and ability to hear the student), expression (feelings communicated through voice and facial expressions), and interpretation (proper use of pauses and gestures). Those receiving “Superior” or “Excellent” scores are announced in the School Memo.

Christmas Shop

Goal: To encourage students to think of others in their family, and to allow students to purchase surprise gifts for their families.

Participation: Encouraged

Each year VCS offers the Christmas Shop to help Elementary students buy Christmas gifts for their family. The items in the shop are donated by teachers and parents. The shop is run by a parent volunteer, and gift wrapping is offered by parent volunteers and Secondary students. Items are usually priced between $0.50 and $5. Proceeds from the shop are used for the school library. Shop days are listed in advance in the School Memo.

Please consider allowing your student to participate. Please also consider donating items. If you have a hobby that produces a gift-able item (woodworking, crafting, knitting, etc), these make great gifts for students to give. For those with no time for hobbies, a small gift that you would like receiving is a great donation.

Spelling Bee

Goal: To encourage proper spelling

Participation: Mandatory

All Elementary students are required to participate in the VCS Spelling Bee. Your student's teacher will send home a list of words for your student to study. Your student will then spell against the other students in their grade in front of a panel of three volunteer judges. The students who receive 1st and 2nd place in their grade will continue to the ACSI NM District spelling bee. Those who win at the District spelling bee have an opportunity to advance to the ACSI Rocky Mountain Regional Spelling Bee, with the possibility of progressing further. Winners of the VCS spelling bee and the ACSI spelling bee will be listed in the School Memo.

Achievement Testing

Goal: To evaluate the VCS program and individual students

Participation: Mandatory

In the spring of school years ending in even numbers (example 2019-20), students take a series of standardized achievement tests. These tests are taken at school through the course of the week. They are designed to measure your student's academic progress over a wide variety of subjects. This testing helps VCS evaluate individual student progress, as well as our overall school program. The dates for this testing are on the school calendar at the beginning of each year that it is taken, and are announced in the School Memo as testing dates approach.


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