Expected Student Outcomes

"Helping Christian Families Train Their Students To Be Servants of the Lord"

It is our desire that maturing students at Victory Christian School will reach their maximum potential in the following critical areas:



  1. Accept Jesus Christ as Savior and commit to a personal relationship with Him

  2. Understand and practice spiritual disciplines such as devotions, personal Bible study and prayer

  3. Demonstrate the Fruit of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22)

  4. Personally respond to carrying out the Great Commission by presenting the gospel to others

  5. Know and understand the Bible through study and memorization

  6. Demonstrate knowledge and application of a biblical worldview in daily decision-making

  7. Articulate and defend their Christian faith

  8. Understand and utilize spiritual gifts daily and through their local church




  1. Are well prepared in all academic areas; qualified for admission to colleges and universities

  2. Possess thinking skills (i.e. logic, reasoning, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity)

  3. Communicate in at least two languages

  4. Be proficient in language arts, mathematics and science

  5. Have knowledge, understanding and appreciation of people, events, and movements in history

  6. Know how to responsibly access resources, including technology, to locate, synthesize, analyze, and evaluate information

  7. Appreciate and/or participate in the arts and literature (choir, drama, and other cultural events)




  1. Positively serve and impact those inside and outside of their community

  2. Honor parents and other authorities that God has placed in their lives

  3. Be servant leaders in their homes, churches, communities and vocations

  4. Treat their bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit

  5. Be good stewards of and apply biblical principals in time, finances, talents, and other resources

  6. Possess effective communication skills in both verbal and written forms



It is the desire of Victory Christian School in partnering with Christian families not only to help train their students to be servants of the Lord but also to encourage parents in their biblical parental roles.  Victory Christian School seeks to strengthen the entire families of our students.


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