Please note that our handbook has been modified slightly for posting on the website.
For the most up-to-date handbook, please request one at the office.

School Board & History

Mr. Glenn M. Frey - Administrator
Mr. Lyle K. Miller - Assistant Administrator

School Board

Mr. Mark Watkins - Interim President
Dr. Larry Bacon
Mrs. Velma Wood
Mrs. Joyce Cox
Pastor James Zahn

Victory Christian School was founded in 1981 as a ministry of Alameda Bible Church. In the traditional classroom setting, we use A Beka curriculum, Bob Jones Press material, ACSI Bible curriculum, and other textbooks.

In addition to a board with strong Biblical convictions and open hearts, we are blessed with a spiritual faculty and many wonderful parents who sacrifice their time to help out in many ways in our school. Indeed, there is a warm family spirit at Victory.

Our students have opportunities to be involved in regional events with other ACSI Christian schools and NMAA schools in the fields of speech, spelling, math, music, and other academic areas. We have an excellent sports program through which our junior high and high school students compete with other NMAA schools throughout New Mexico. Another extracurricular activity for secondary students is drama.

Victory Christian School is accredited by the Association of Christian School International (ACSI) and the New Mexico State Board of Education.

Victory Christian School admits students of any race, color, and gender or national/ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. Victory Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, or national/ethnic origin in administration of employment, educational policies, admission policies, scholarship/loan programs, athletics, and other school-administered programs.

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6)

Spiritual Goals & Purpose

Mission Statement: Victory Christian School exists for the purpose of helping Christian families train their students to be servants of the Lord.

Victory Christian School is a ministry to young people representing many churches in the area. Although we are a ministry of and under the control of Alameda Bible Church, it is not our purpose to draw students and their families from their own churches to come to ours. We recognize the doctrinal differences of the various churches and we respect the right and privilege of each family to choose their own church. Our desire for your children is not only to give them the best academic education possible, but also to share with you spiritual goals for your children.
- We desire that your children come to know and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
- We desire that your children come to know, love and have full confidence in the Bible, God's inspired, infallible Word and final authority for life.
- We desire and pray for your children that they yield fully to the indwelling Holy Spirit in order to live a Godly life and please God.
- We desire to teach appreciation of our American heritage and to instill patriotism and loyalty to our great nation.
- We desire that your children recognize that rules are necessary and must be enforced in order to have the proper atmosphere for learning. However, we also want your children to understand that simply obeying rules does not produce morality. It is our prayer that by the time our students are upperclassmen, they will have come to the place in their lives where their moral standards spring from a living relationship with God, rather than a blind obedience to rules.

Parents, we need your support and cooperation to help us accomplish these goals in the lives of your children. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we can work together for these goals with Him.

Following is the doctrinal statement of Alameda Bible Church. While we do not include all parts of the Statement of Faith in our Bible curriculum, we feel it is important for all families to know the position that VCS would take on these issues.


The Victory Christian School board reserves the right to change or amend any school policy at any time that it deems to be in the best interests of the school.

Ethics: Solving problems with others
The principles found in Matthew 18 tell us that we should go TO THE PERSON with the problem. If you cannot solve it with that person, the next step is to go to the administration, WITH the other person, and try to settle the difficulty. The final step would be to go to the school board. Please read the ACSI brochure on "The Matthew 18 Principle for Solving School Problems" for more details. 

We are thankful for the faculty God has led to VCS. Teacher applicants are carefully screened by the administration and interviewed by the school board before consideration is given for a place on our faculty. Stress is laid on the proper character of a teacher as well as educational background and experience. Each faculty member must have the following qualifications:
•Each teacher is born again and actively serving the Lord Jesus Christ.
•Each faculty member is expected to be a Christian role model for our student body. Our students watch how we live closely, and how we live teaches more than anything we could say in a classroom.
•Teachers must have sincere love for boys and girls and a real desire and gift to teach.
•Teachers must have a college degree and have or be working towards certification by Association of Christian Schools International.

American & Christian Flags:
Both the Christian and American flags are permanently displayed in every classroom.

Chapel & Bible Time:
Chapel is held every week. Bible time is held in the classroom daily. Chapel attendance is compulsory and no student is to be excused from attendance.

Admission Standards:
Victory Christian School admits students of any race, color, gender or national/ethnic origin. VCS reserves the right to place new students according to VCS test score results. This might result in a student being placed at a lower grade level. Kindergarten children MUST be 5 years old on or before September 1. Secondary students must have expressed desire to attend VCS and abide by the school standards. All new students are on a 9-week probation both academically and behaviorally.

Late Enrollment:
Before any student is admitted to Victory Christian School, after the first official day of school, THE STUDENT AND THE PARENTS must have a conference with the VCS administration. The administration makes the final decision about the student being accepted or rejected for late enrollment.

Orientation/Summer Letter:
The dates of orientation for the school year are in this handbook, announced in the spring memos of the preceding year, as well as in the summer newsletter. The summer newsletter usually should be received by the end of June. Information in the letter will include supply lists, school information needed before the first memo of the school year, and a progress report of school events over the summer. If you have enrolled for the coming school year and have not received a letter by July 15, please contact the school office. A fee of $50.00 may be assessed to any family not attending the required orientation meeting(s) at the beginning of the school year.

Victory Christian School has chosen to use the King James Version of the Bible as the standard for our classrooms. There needs to be a standard version in our classrooms for the following reasons:
•For standardized class memorization - especially in the lower grades.
•For standardized class reading - especially in the lower grades.
We have chosen the King James Version because it is the most widely recognized and used version by the Christian community. We do use other version in our classrooms when those versions might help a class to better understand the Scriptures. If your family uses a different version, we encourage your secondary students to bring along their Bible in addition to the King James Version for a comparison in Bible study.

Weekly Memo:
Every Wednesday, a weekly newsletter is sent home with each student informing parents of events, activities and needs at VCS. Any calendar changes are posted in the newsletter. The newsletters are posted each week on the "Weekly Memo" page of the website.

School Year Calendar/Activities Calendar:
Two calendars are issued each year -the general school calendar with dates of vacations, orientation, and Parent/Teacher Conferences and an activity calendar with dates of school activities throughout the school year.

Class Size:
Class sizes will be limited to the following:
K18 students
1st20 students
2nd20 students
3rd22 students
4th22 students
5th24 students
6th24 students
7th24 students
8th24 students
9th24 students
10th24 students
11th24 students
12th24 students

The only exception to these limits is if a new staff member is hired, and has a student in a full class, or if a student needs to be retained for the following year.

Tuition & Fees

For your convenience in making tuition payments, the school year is divided into ten periods, June through March. ALL FIRST MONTH TUITION PAYMENTS ARE DUE BY JUNE 25. If not received by July 1, a $25 late fee will be assessed. If a tuition payment has not been received by July 5, your student(s) will be dropped from the class list. If it is more convenient for you to pay your tuition the first half of the month, you must still begin your payments in June. All tuition and fees after the first payment are due the 25th day of each following month. If the account is not current by the first of each following month, a late fee of $10 will be assessed to your account for each late payment. If a check is returned to the school, a handling fee of $25 will be charged. If an account has checks returned for insufficient funds 3 times in the school year, only cash, a money order or a cashier's check will be accepted for payment on that account. If the account is not current by the end of the month, the student will not be permitted to attend class unless arrangements have been made with the school board. Victory reserves the right to withhold report cards and student records until tuition and other fees have been paid in full.

Registration fee: $350 - Non-refundable
This fee is due upon enrollment. It includes a testing fee for new students (grades 1-12) of $50.00. This testing fee must be paid before testing and will be applied to the enrollment fee upon registration. It also includes a fee for books that remain the property of the school (except expendable books such as workbooks). Excessive damage or loss of books will be charged to the student's account. This fee also includes a yearbook for each student and an elementary art fee.

Annual Tuition:
Grades K-6
First child (eldest) $6980 per year
Second child (2nd oldest) $6530 per year
Third & beyond $4980 per year

Grades 7-12
First child (eldest) $7230 per year
Second child (2nd oldest) $6780 per year
Third & beyond $4980 per year

A 3% discount will be allowed if the total annual tuition is paid in full by July 1. Tuition may be paid over a ten-month period beginning June 25 as noted above.

A 20% discount is given for Kindergarten students who only attend school until noon.

Withdrawal Before Classes Begin:
Written notification of withdrawal must be received before July 1 from families that decide not to attend VCS after paying the registration fee. Families withdrawing with written notification after July 1 but before July 25 will forfeit 50% of their June tuition payment. Families withdrawing with written notification after July 25 but before classes begin will forfeit 75% of their June tuition payment. After classes have begun, 100% will be forfeited. This policy has been installed so that VCS does not turn students away due to a full class, only to find out at orientation that a family has decided not to attend without informing Victory, thereby emptying a space that could have been filled by another student. All students attending VCS will pay a full month's tuition, even if withdrawn before the end of the first month.

Early Withdrawal:
A parent must fill out a withdrawal form in the school office before any student may be withdrawn during the school year. After the first month of classes, tuition will be charged by the day rate (see below) and the last day of attendance will be based on the date stated on the withdrawal form. In addition, a $50.00 per student withdrawal fee will be assessed for the paperwork involved in early withdrawal. No records will be released before the account is paid in full. If any tuition of other fees need to be refunded, the refund check will be issued 30 days after withdrawal. Early withdrawal will be based on the following daily cost after the first month:

Grades K-6
First child (eldest) $39 per day
Second child (2nd oldest) $37 per day
Third & beyond $28 per day

Grades 7-12
First child (eldest) $41 per day
Second child (2nd oldest) $38 per day
Third & beyond $28 per day

In the event of withdrawal, transfer, or expulsion, the parents are responsible for full payment of tuition and other fees. The school reserves the right to withhold report cards and student records until tuition and other fees have been paid in full. By signing the Statement of Cooperation, you are authorizing the school to withhold report cards and other records until tuition and other fees have been paid in full.

A $50.00 fee may be assesses to families that do not attend the required orientation meeting(s) at the beginning of the school year. Orientation dates are shown on the school calendar.

Late Enrollment:
Tuition charges for students enrolling after the first day of school include full tuition rates for the quarter during with the student's attendance begins.

Laboratory Fee:
A laboratory fee of $30.00 will be charged for Biology, Physics, Computer Lab, Chemistry, Physical Science, and Choir which is due September 1st. An elementary lab fee of $20.00 will be charged in 4th Grade Music for recorder which is due by January 15th.

Music Fees:
Private lesson fees of $100.00 per month (with the last month payment being $75.00) for each student should be made to VCS from August to April. For more information, see the Music section.

Sports Fees:
A fee of $50.00 per sport is charged for participation in sports to help defray the expenses of referees, equipment, etc. Please obtain an athletic handbook from the office to find out more details about our athletic program.

Method of Payment:
•Any cash payments must be exact amounts, as VCS does not keep cash for change. Please send the money in an envelope with name, amount, and what the money is for, and grade of student(s).
•Payments made by check or money order to the general school account for tuition, registration, extended care, music, late fee, lab fee, return check charges, ACSI events such as Spelling Bee, Art Festival, etc., and donations to general school activities may be made on the same check or money order.
•Payments for special account student activities such as sports, classroom activities, yearbook, special student activities (such as Christmas Shop, bowling), Student Council Activities, and Library fees for late/lost/damaged books, or donations to the library need to be on a check separate from tuition and other general account payments.

International Students

Victory Christian School is authorized by the Federal Government to issue I-20 Certificates of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant Student Status to students from other countries to attend school at Victory Christian School. There is a $450 application fee and a $450 annual fee for each student to cover the paperwork for the International Program. Each student who applies must take an entrance test and supply Victory Christian School with a copy of their passport and the following translated into English:

•Immunization records
•Transcripts from the three previous school years
•Home address in their home country
•Home address in New Mexico
•Birth certificate
•Copy of family bank statement with a minimum balance of $14,000
•Other paperwork as required by Victory Christian School

Please see Mr. Frey if you have questions about the program.

Dress Standards

Standards for Dress:
"Whatsoever we do in word or deed, do all to the glory of God." I Corinthians 10:30. This Biblical norm is in our thoughts in asking each student and parent to pledge their support to our regulations and standards. The Bible says to students of every generation that their apparel should be MODEST (I Timothy 2:9), that boys should dress as masculine boys, and girls should dress as feminine girls (Deuteronomy 22:5), and that young people are to be ". . . an example of the believers." (I Timothy 4:12). Dress and appearance have a definite effect on academic performance and school discipline. Parents are responsible to see that these standards are kept. Final judgment as to whether or not a student is properly dressed will be left to the discretion of the school administration.

Dress or Skirt Length:
•Be long enough to touch the floor when kneeling.
•Be FULL enough so as not to pull up when seated.
•Slits in skirts must be modest.
•Remember your daughter is growing rapidly, and you will need to check the length occasionally.

•Be FULL length pants.
•Be LOOSE enough so as not to hug the body tightly.
•Fit on or very close to the waist.

•Styled so as not to hang in the face.
•Extravagant hair styles/accessories are not allowed.
•Must be a natural color that God created for hair.

•School shoes should be designed for support and protection.
•No sandals, thongs, or excessively high heels are not permitted.
•No open-toed shoes.

•Make-up must be modest and not extravagant.
•Jogging suits are allowed for PE, sweat pants are allowed only for PE.
•Leotards and tights are permitted under skirts/dresses as long as they are not loud or flashy colors.
•Girls who play on playground equipment MUST wear shorts under their dresses for modesty.
•All shirts/blouses must be tucked in or belted.

Items Not Allowed:
•No tight-fitting, semi-transparent or low-fitting blouses, dresses or sweaters. Tank shirts and camisoles (shirts with spaghetti straps) worn under other shirts or blouses may not show.
•No tight-fitting, semi-transparent, low-rider, or hip-hugger pants.
•No clothing that shows midriff or shoulders.
•No sundresses unless worn with a jacket or sweater.
•No culottes, gauchos, cropped pants, capris, or shorts.
•Shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets or pants worn to class may NOT be imprinted with anything except VCS.
•Shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets or pants worn to class may NOT have any lettering or words on them of any kind.

PE Apparel:
•Students may NOT wear PE apparel when coming to school or when leaving school.
•Shorts worn to PE class MUST be modest and the length must come to at least the end of the fingertips with arms held at sides.

Field Trips, Athletic Trips, and Other School Functions:
•Field trip sponsors will advise students on suitable clothing for each activity.
•Any clothing worn on field trips must comply with VCS dress code.


•Neatly cut and combed so as not to hang over eyes or collar or below the top of the ears.
•Extravagant hairstyles are not permitted.
•Underclassmen are to be neatly shaved.
•Seniors may wear neatly trimmed mustaches if they desire.
•Must be a natural color that God created for hair.

•Should give support and protection.
•No sandals or thongs, or.
•No open-toed shoes.

•No undershirts may be worn as outerwear.
•All shirts must be tucked in.
•No tank tops.
•Shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets or pants worn to class may NOT have any lettering or words on them of any kind except VCS.
•Shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets or pants worn to class may NOT have any lettering or words on them of any kind.

•Regular jeans, khakis, or dress pants.

Pants NOT Allowed:
•No excessively baggy pants that droop or reveal underwear.
•No pants that are frayed or in need of repair.
•No tight fitting pants.
•No shorts.

•Jogging suits are allowed for PE, sweat pants are allowed only for PE.
•Hats and caps may be worn outside only.
•Boys may not wear earrings or any other jewelry that the administration considers in bad taste.

PE Apparel:
•Students may NOT wear PE apparel when coming to school or when leaving school.
•Shorts worn in PE class MUST be modest and the length must come to at least the end of the fingertips with arms held at sides.

Field Trips, Athletic Trips, and Other School Functions:
•Field trip sponsors will advise students on suitable clothing for each activity.
•Any clothing worn on field trips must comply with VCS dress code.

Parents: Please consider your own dress, in light of your child's standards, while at school or school functions. This includes dropping off and picking up your children.


Snow Days:
Victory Christian School will follow APS scheduling for all snow days or delayed schedules due to weather. Please listen to the local radio or television stations for announcements. Please do not phone the administration to check on our school's schedule. Do not phone the radio stations, as they are unable to give information over the telephone. Our first concern is for your child's safety; therefore, if you believe it is not safe for your child to come to school, please keep him home until you feel it is safe to bring him to school.

On delayed schedule days (also called abbreviated schedule), school begins at 10:30 am and ends at 3:00 pm. There will be no kindergarten on delayed schedule days. There is no extended care before 10:00 am on delayed schedule days. Do not drop your student(s) at VCS before 10:00 am. No one will be at the school before 10:00 am. The roads need to be safe before teachers drive. Bring your lunch on delayed schedule days.

Class Time:
•Secondary (7th - 12th grades) classes begin at 8:10 am.
•Elementary (K - 6th grades) classes begin at 8:20 am.
•School ends at 3:00 pm.
•The FREEZE bell will ring for secondary students at 8:05 am. The FREEZE bell for elementary students will ring at 8:15 am. Elementary students must quietly walk to their lines.
•Students should not be at school before 7:50 am and should be picked up by 3:25 pm. If problems occur and you cannot be here by 3:30 pm, your student(s) will automatically be placed in extended care. All students arriving before 7:50 am or not picked up by 3:30 pm will be placed in extended care at parent's expense.
•All visitors must check in at the school office. This includes parents with messages or articles to be delivered to students.

•Regular attendance is absolutely essential to successful schoolwork.
•Parents must call the office by 10:00 am on date of absence.
•Parents requesting homework must call the office and request assignments before 9:00 am to receive that day's homework.
•Students who have been absent will not be given an excused absence or allowed to make up work without a WRITTEN excuse signed by their parent.

Written excuses should include the following:
oPresent date
oDate(s) of absence
oReason for absence
oParent's signature

The following are approved reasons for an absence:
oIllness of the student
oDoctor appointments

•If a student is absent for thirty days or more during the school year, Victory Christian School reserves the right to retain the student at the same grade level the following year.

Unexcused absences:
If parents find an unexcused absence will be unavoidable they should notify the teacher a minimum of 24 hours in advance to make arrangements for make-up work. If prior arrangements are not made for an unexcused absence, the student will receive a 0 for all work that day.

Makeup Homework:
Homework for absences due to illness or bereavement should be made up within three school days of returning from the absence.

With other absences, arrangements should be made with the teacher before the student is absent, and work is to be completed and turned in before the student leaves. It is expected that all students will turn in any papers or projects assigned before the absence and take any quizzes and/or tests that are given when they return, even if it is the same day of his/her return.

•Three tardies within one grading period will be counted as one absence.
•Tardies due to carpools will be dealt with through the office.
•Parent or driver MUST sign tardy students in at the office. Late students need an admit slip signed by the office to get into class.
•Parents please notify the office if your child will be late for school.
•Detention policy for tardies: Detention will take place each Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3:05 to 4:00 pm. Every student assigned to serve detention MUST sign in before 3:05 pm and MUST be prepared to do school work the entire time. Students will NOT be allowed to leave for any reason. Detention will be supervised at all times.

oOnce any student has been tardy to school three (3) times in one nine-week period, a detention will be given. Each following tardy within that nine-week period will result in a detention. Only the first two tardies are "free" each nine-week period. Each teacher will handle individual classroom tardies in his/her own way.
oIf a student is late to or misses detention for any reason, a "make-up" detention will be assigned in addition to the original detention.
oAny student receiving more than five (5) detentions in any nine-week period will have a parent/student/administration conference.
oAny student left after 4:00 pm will be placed in extended care and charged the normal fee.
oAcademic detentions are addressed under homework policy


It is preferred that medication, either prescription or over-the-counter, not be given at school. If, however, it is necessary to send medication, these procedures must be followed:
• Obtain an Authorization to Administer Medication form from the school office and have the form completed. It requires information from doctor and parent.
• Parents should bring medication to the office. Send no more than one week's supply of medication.
• Parent needs to note on elementary homework pad that the medication is in the office, and what time the student should receive it. It is up to the student to take any medication home at the end of the day if it is needed at home also.
• Any medication must have a doctor's statement in addition to a parent's note.
• These rules are entirely for your child's safety and protection. The school nurse is available to give guidance regarding health concerns or mediations needed by your child.

Sick Children:
We are not a medical facility. If your student is ill, please keep him/her at home. If a student becomes ill while at school, he/she will need to be picked up by a parent or emergency number person at that time. We will always try to reach parents first but if we are not able to reach you, we will contact your emergency number. Please be sure that the person(s) you have listed is able to be reached during school hours and is able to pick up your student from school.

Student accident insurance is included in the registration fee. Our insurance policy is $100.00 deductible and you, the parent, are responsible to provide that $100.00. The school policy covers the student while at school and on school functions.


General Classroom Rules:
• No talking is allowed in the classroom unless the student raises his/her hand and is called upon by the teacher to respond.
• Students are not to leave their seats without the teacher's permission. This includes sharpening pencils and throwing away trash.
• All paper items to be thrown away will be disposed of in such a manner as described by the teacher.
• Students are to be in classes scheduled for them at all times unless ill or excused by the administration.
• Students are not allowed to use the telephone. (Except in an emergency with permission from the administration.)
• No talking in the halls, or when going from one room to another. (Except for common courtesy.)

VCS always welcomes and encourages parents and parent involvement at school. We do ask that you observe the following to minimize interruptions of the educational process. We ask that you always sign in at the office so we can locate you in case of a phone call or fire drill. We ask that if you will be visiting a secondary class that you plan on being at school during the period change. We do encourage you to make arrangements ahead of time so you do not interrupt during a test. We discourage class interruptions during tests so students can focus on the test and not on visitors.

We ask that each family make arrangements for car rides, going to somebody else's home, other contingencies and similar activities before coming to school. We do not normally interrupt classes to give messages or pull students out of instruction and classroom structure for both your student and the other students in class.

Except for tuition fees, grades K-5 are considered elementary, and grades 6-12 are secondary.

Student/Faculty Relationships:
Every student at Victory Christian School should develop an attitude of respect for each teacher and for fellow students. The proper method of addressing a teacher is to use the term Miss, Mrs. or Mr., and all replies should be given respectfully. This standard is applicable on the athletic field and throughout the school day, including all school programs and activities that are sponsored by VCS. When a student is being addressed by a teacher, an adult, or another pupil, it is common courtesy to look that person in the eye. Looking down or away from the person speaking is rude and will not be tolerated.

General Conduct:
• Students are reminded that rowdiness and roughhousing are not permitted during the school day inside or outside the school buildings. Any student guilty of such misconduct around the school property or on school functions will be subject to disciplinary action.
• Wholesome friendships are encouraged between boys and girls. However, this does not include petting, kissing, or any prolonged bodily contact at any time while at VCS or while on any school activity. Generally speaking, there will be NO contact games between boys and girls.
• Victory Christian School places a great deal of emphasis upon spiritual values, and we believe that Christian young people should manifest their loyalty to and love for the Lord Jesus Christ by living consecrated lives.
• The school does not permit the use of alcohol, tobacco, profanity or involvement with gambling, drugs or narcotics at school or at any school sponsored function. Practice of any of the above away from school can result in disciplinary action and possible notification of parents to see what can be done to correct it. Persistent activity in any one of these habits can also lead to expulsion.
• Victory Christian School does not promote dances.

Unacceptable Christian School Conduct:
Violation of the following list may result in suspension or expulsion from school:
Vulgar language (including using the Lord's name in vain and slang expressions which can be offensive)
Class Disturbance
Excessive Roughness
Property Destruction
Unexcused Absences
Improper Boy/Girl Relationships

Use of or possession of alcohol, narcotics, tobacco or weapons on campus or at any school activity will result in expulsion from school. It is a privilege to attend Victory and this privilege can be removed if a student does not live up to the expected academic and behavioral standards. This includes your conduct out of school as your life reflects on the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and Victory Christian School.

Based on passages such as I Corinthians 6:19-20, Leviticus 19:28, I Timothy 2:9-10, I Peter 3:3-4 and others, we find the principle of a Christian's body as the sacred Temple of God's Holy Spirit. God also commands us to dress modestly, not calling attention to our bodies, or ourselves and not permanently marking our bodies. Female students may pierce their ears and wear modest earrings. We ask that any male student whose ear has been pierced in the past and any student who has worn other rings in pierced parts of their bodies in the past to remove their rings and refrain from wearing them at school and away from school. Students who show a rebellious heart by continuing to wear these rings at or away from school will be asked to withdraw from Victory. We expect that any student with a tattoo from their past would not expose or flaunt those marks. We expect that no student would get a tattoo or pierce his/her body in order to present a positive testimony for Jesus Christ. We will ask any student that tattoos or pierces their body to withdraw from Victory.
• Victory does not normally enroll students who have been suspended or expelled from another school for a minimum period of 12 months following the infraction.
• Victory does not normally enroll students who have been arrested.
• Any student found to be out of harmony with the spirit of the school might be dismissed.

Student Internet Behavior:
All student actions on the internet should honor Jesus Christ. All students are expected to give the school access to any site on the internet that the school administration desires to see.

Weapons/Threat Policy:
Victory Christian School has a no tolerance policy involving threats or perceived threats of violence by students. Parents should understand that the school's first responsibility is the protection to our students. The school takes this responsibility very seriously. Therefore, if a student brings a weapon to school, or to a school function, or has a weapon on his/her person, VCS will immediately expel the student. Parents are advised that the school will contact local police or appropriate authorities and will note in the student's permanent record that he/she was expelled for possession of a weapon on school premises or at a school function. Possession includes but is not necessarily limited to having a weapon in a locker, book bag, purse or vehicle.

If VCS determines that a threat of violence is credible and specific (directed toward particular students or staff), the administration will report the threat to the student or staff member threatened. The school will also report the threat to appropriate authorities. Students making such threats will be expelled. For purposes of this policy, credible means a reasonable belief or suspicion, determined at the sole discretion of the school, that the threat was or might be genuine, or that the student was or might be capable of carrying out the threat. The student's permanent record will reflect the expulsion for making a threat of violence.

In those circumstances in which the school determines that the threat is likely not credible the school will suspend the student pending a parent meeting. This includes all cases in which the student was "just joking." If circumstances warrant, the school may conduct further investigation. The school will require students in this circumstance to obtain counseling, at family expense, from a Christian counselor or other professional agreeable to the school until the counselor advises the school that the student, in the counselor's opinion, does not present a threat of danger.

Things to Leave at Home:
Kindergarten students should not bring any toys to school without prior approval of the teacher. Grades K-12 students should not bring gum, baseballs, bats, radios, cassette players, tapes, C.D.'s, electronic games, T.V.'s, walkmans, pagers, cellular telephones, etc. to school. Any such items brought to school will be confiscated and not returned. Students are completely responsible for any belongings they bring to school or school events.

Lost & Found:
The school keeps all lost and found articles in the office. They are disposed of as needed. The weekly memo will announce before hand the disposal date of the "lost but not found" articles.


Care of property:
Victory Christian School belongs to God. We use the facilities that are the property on loan by God to the Alameda Bible Church. We expect that the property will be cared for in an appropriate manner befitting Christians. Willful damage or destruction of school (church) property will not be tolerated. All damage must be paid for, whether willful or accidental. No signs, banners, plaques, pictures or other objects may be hung on walls without explicit permission of the administration. There is to be no tampering with any equipment whatsoever.

Victory Christian School has completed an "Asbestos Management Plan" as required by the Environmental Protection Agency, Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) dated October 30, 1987. R & H Associated, Inc., an accredited consulting firm headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico prepared the "Asbestos Management Plan."
The "Plan" lists where asbestos is located in our school and what action will be taken with regard to control of asbestos. A copy of the "Plan" is available in the school office.
We encourage you take time to review the "Plan" and become acquainted with the asbestos situation in the school. Our first concern is to maintain the safety of all the students, teachers, and staff members of Victory Christian School.
If you have any questions concerning asbestos in the school, please contact Mr. Frey at the school.

Student lockers are the property of the school and are provided as a service for students. Any locker may be opened and its contents may be searched or examined by school authorities without the permission of the student at any time when, at the sole discretion of the school authorities, they deem it necessary to do so. This search includes but is not limited to lockers, automobiles, backpacks, purses, desks, pockets, cell phones, etc. A parent and the student consent to such a search if they register their student at Victory. Lockers are to be kept neat and cleaned out on a regular basis. Students may not switch lockers with another student. If a student uses a locker it must be the one to which the student was assigned. It is unwise to leave valuable items in a locker. Students should carry these items with them or check with the office if these items need special security. It is recommended that students place locks on their lockers. Students may only use school locks on their lockers. Students will be charged $15.00 if they do not return the lock. Nothing may be kept outside a locker without permission from the administration. Stickers are not allowed on any part of a locker. Students may not place anything on a locker that cannot be easily removed without affecting the surface of the locker. Writing or painting on any part of a locker is not allowed. Students should not open or enter anyone else's locker. Students are responsible to pay for any locker damage they commit. Any problem with a locker should be reported to the office.


There is a hot lunch program available at Victory. Students are able to order daily from a set menu. The menu (including snacks) is available in the office or on line at Students may purchase a complete meal or just drinks and snacks. Lunch orders are taken as soon as class begins in the morning (first period for secondary students). Lunch cards must be purchased in order to buy lunch; we do not accept cash for lunch on a daily basis. A lunchcard is $35. There is also a snack card available for elementary students that allows them to purchase snacks that are not in the vending machines. The cost of the card is $10, and it also may be used throughout the year. Prices of items are subject to change with cost increases.
At the request of the parents, VCS instigated a policy that does not allow any talking during the first 15 minutes of elementary lunch. This policy encourages students to finish eating during that period. We have found this also greatly reduces incidents of young children choking on their food.


Homework Policy:
(For Kindergarten to Sixth Grades, per quarter)
• First Time: Warning to student, note sent home to be signed by parent and returned the next day. *
• Second Time: Extra work assigned, note sent home to be signed by parent and returned the next day.*
• Third Time: Detention given, note sent home to be signed by parent and returned the next day.
• Fourth Time: Detention given with extra work assigned, note sent home to be signed by parent and returned the next day, conference arranged with parent.
• Fifth Time: A clean-up detention and an academic detention given, notes sent home to be signed by parent and returned the next day, parent called. Clean-up detention will take place on next available Wednesday afternoon from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
* No note will be sent home on 1st or 2nd time for 5th and 6th graders.

Homework Pads:
At the beginning of the year, elementary students are required to purchase a stenographer's notebook. They are to write their daily homework assignments in the notebook, take it home each day, have it checked by a parent, initialed by the parent to confirm the work was done, and return it to school in the morning. The pads will be checked each morning. Failure to have it, or to have it signed will count as a homework check. Parents are welcome to write notes to the teacher on the pad, and any medication the student should take is also to be noted on the pad. Makeup homework for any reason is addressed under absences (Attendance).

Student Supplies:
A complete elementary supply list will be sent out with the summer information letter. Along with a book bag and a King James Version Bible, the following supplies will be needed in most elementary classes: pen, pencil, paper, glue/gluesticks, notebooks, Kleenex, rulers, scissors, and erasers. Mark all items with the student's name. Kingergartners will need a mat for rest time. Secondary students will be given information on supplies needed by each teacher the first week of school.


Picking Up Students:
To avoid injury to children and have fewer problems in the parking lot, please observe the following rules when picking up children after school:
- Please enter past the parsonage, make a circle past the trees stopping at pick up points. If you must go into the office, please park in front of the church or school before or after picking up children.
- Each school year parents will be asked to fill in a written form telling us who may pick up your children in your place. Normally only those people may pick up a student. However, in an emergency you may call the school secretary and give her permission by phone for a particular person to pick up your children. Please, use the privilege ONLY in a real emergency. A written note must be sent the next day stating whom you allowed to pick up your child and the date it was done.

We have a general "no visitor" policy at Victory. Students who have out-of-town guests or know of a prospective student who wishes to visit our campus should make special arrangements with the administration at least a day in advance. Families of prospective students must meet with an administrator before they will be allowed to visit. Other visits from non-Victory students are strongly discouraged. Students expelled from Victory for any reason are not permitted on campus at any time, unless accompanied by a parent. All guests must meet Victory's dress standards.
Victory alumni may visit the campus with prior approval from the administration and need to sign-in and receive a pass from the office. These visit should be at times other than regular class times. Dress must be modest and appropriate.

Closed Campus:
VCS has a closed campus; students may not leave during the day without permission from the office.

Parents are responsible for supplying their own transportation to and from school. Many parents arrange car pools. The school directory will help in providing names of people that live in your area.

The VCS bus will be used for field trips, sports, and most off campus extracurricular events. ALL students will be required to ride the bus to and from these activities. Arrangements can only be made by a parent/guardian with the administrator (not a teacher) before a trip for a student to be picked up after an event at the activity site. The parent/guardian must be at the site by the time set by the administrator or the student will return to VCS on the bus. This allows the bus to stay on the schedule announced to drivers picking students up at VCS.

Other Transportation For School Sponsored Events:
VCS requires all vehicles used for transporting students on school sponsored events and activities to have current proof of insurance, registration and current driver's license on file in the school office. Victory requires that these vehicles carry the minimum amount required by state law. (This school requirement does not include carpooling).

Student Drivers:
• Must have current driver's license, insurance and registration and be at least a sophomore.
• Must be registered with the school to drive to and from school.
• Reckless driving and failure to park in the designated area may result in the loss of driving privilege to and from school.
• No other student may ride with a student driver unless written permission by all parents involved is received by the administration.
• Any student driver leaving campus without permission throughout the school day will automatically be dismissed from school.
• Students may not go to their car for any reason during the day without permission from the administration.
• Students may not congregate at cars before or after school. Students must leave their cars and go to the playground when they arrive in the morning. Students must leave campus when reaching their cars in the afternoon and not return without permission from the administration.
• Students with car phones or cellular phones MUST leave the phone in the vehicle.


VCS offers classroom music once a week to grades K-6. Fourth grade students will be taught to play the recorder and are required to pay a one-time $20 lab fee to cover the cost. In high school, choir is an elective with classes daily.

Private lessons in voice and piano are also available during the school day.* Lessons will be given on a rotating schedule during the school day. Each week your student will have a half-hour lesson, and each following week, the lesson will be shifted one-half hour later, thus allowing your student to never miss the same class time two weeks in a row. Any exceptions to the regular lesson times will be noted on the lesson schedule that is sent home. Missed lessons WILL NOT be made up.

* Voice is offered to grades 9-12. Piano is offered to grades 2-12.

Private lesson payments of $100 per month (with the last month payment being $75.00) for each student should be made to VCS from August to April.

If your student has had lessons before, please have the student bring any books to the first lesson. Lesson books will be available for purchase from the school. Parents will be billed for any books needed by the students. An invoice will be sent home in an envelope. It is your responsibility to pay for these books in the office upon receipt of charge.


High School Classes:

Freshman Classes
Bible I
English I
Physical Science
Algebra I
Foreign Language I
* Elective

Sophomore Classes
Bible II
English II
World History
Foreign Language II
* Elective

Junior Classes
Bible III
English III
Algebra II
US History
* Elective
* Elective

Senior Classes
Bible IV
English IV
* Elective
* Elective
* Elective
* Elective

Required Electives
* PE

* Choir
* Yearbook
* Maintenance Aide
* Physics
* Teacher Aide
* Office Aide
* Computers
* Pre-Calculus
* Keyboarding
* Accounting
* Economics
* Foreign Language III

Credits for Graduation:

Language Arts 4
Foreign Language 2
Science 3
Physical Education 1
Mathematics 3
Fine Arts or Practical Arts 1
Bible 4
Electives 4
History (1-US History) (1-Government) 3

Total Credits required for graduation: 25 Credits

Students requesting transcripts be sent to other educational institutions must fill out a Transcript Request Form from the office (students under the age of 18 must have a parent sign the form). Please allow at least a week for requests to be mailed. Grades transferred to Victory from other schools will not be included in Victory's Grade Point Average (GPA) but will be included on transcripts as courses taken at other other schools and transferred to Victory. Only Victory's GPA will be used to determine class Valedictorian and Salutatorian. Students must attend Victory for at least three high school years to be considered for the class Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

Secondary Bible:
If any secondary student (6-12) fails Bible for a semester, they will automatically be dismissed from school.

Secondary Spiritual Emphasis Retreat:
All sixth through twelfth grade students are required to attend the annual overnight retreat that is held away from campus. Any student not attending will receive 0's in all subjects for both days.

Victory Christian School Grading Scale:

A+ 98-100
A 93-97
A- 90-92
B+ 87-89
B 83-86
B- 80-82
C+ 77-79
C 73-76
C- 70-72
D+ 67-69
D 60-66
F 59-below

Honor Roll Requirements:
• Centurion Honor Roll: Student has A's in every subject
• A Honor Roll: Student has majority of A's with no more than two B's
• B Honor Roll: Any combination of A's and B's with no more than two C's. This covers those with one C and the rest A's, and shows that work is mainly above average.

Progress Reports:
Mid-way through each grading period, a progress report will be sent home for all students. All reports should be signed and returned to the school the next day.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:
There are two parent/teacher conferences each year. One is in September at the end of the first four weeks, and the second is in January at the end of the first semester. It is mandatory that parent(s) attend these conferences. It is mandatory that students in grades 6-12 attend with their parents. The academic calendar shows conference dates.

Report Cards:
Report cards will be issued a week following the end of each grading period. All report cards will be held in the office for students who have delinquent accounts with the school.

The parent of any student who must take finals other than during the scheduled dates must see Mr. Frey and make arrangements before finals week. This is strongly discouraged due to students missing reviews and not performing up to their portential.

Testing & Student Records

Testing Services:
The following tests will be required to maintain our college prep curriculum standards:
• All juniors will take the ACT College Entrance Test in the spring. The student will pay the cost of the test. The test will have to be taken at a local ACT test site, as VCS is not able to administer this test.
• A senior may take the ACT again to raise his/her scores if he/she wishes.
• All students will take the Terra Nova Achievement Test in the spring of even numbered years. There is no charge to the student and the results are usually available in early summer.
• The PSAT and SAT tests are available for VCS students. Please check with the secondary administration for applications and details.
• Advanced Placement Testing is also offered on campus in all subjects in May of each school year. Any junior or senior may request a test to qualify for credits in college courses. The student will pay the cost of the test.

Student Records:
Victory Christian School (VCS) hereby gives public notice, as required by the Amended Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, to all parents of students under the age of 18 and to students 18 or older that:

A. VCS maintains the following education records directly related to students:
• Academic records
• Personal information records
• Disciplinary records
• Attendance records
• Health records
• Progress records
• Standardized testing records

B. Access to educational records is limited to the following:
• Parents of students under 18
• Parents of students over 18, if such student is a dependent as defined in the Internal Revenue Code
• Students age 18 or over
• Officials of this school who have a legitimate educational interest
• State and local officials to whom information is required to be reported
• Certain testing organizations
• Accrediting organizations
• Appropriate persons in connection with an emergency
• Pursuant to subpoena or court order
• Any person with the written consent of the parent of students under 18 or the student over 18
• School to which the student seeks or intends enrollment

C. VCS policy requires that education records be kept to an essential and relevant minimum. Records are periodically reviewed and nonessential or irrelevant material is deleted. All student records, including but not limited to admission, enrollment, withdrawal, transfer records, student tests, examinations, grades, transcripts from schools, alumni records, transcripts, and summary records of participation may be destroyed seven years after the student leaves VCS.

D. VCS policy limits the right of access to education records to the persons and under the circumstances indicated in paragraph B above. VCS requires that copies be made available to persons entitled to copies at the cost of 25 cents per page. VCS policy provides that explanations and interpretations of records are available upon reasonable advance notice. Some records, such as standardized test scores and other material of a technical nature may only be reviewed with a person qualified to interpret and explain such materials and records. VCS policy provides the right to challenge the contents of records. If records contain information on more than one student, the right to inspect related only to that portion of the records concerning the particular student in question.

E. Student directory information may be released without prior consent unless the parent or student informs the administration within a reasonable period of time that any or all of the information should not be released without prior consent. Directory information could include:
• Student's name and address
• Telephone listing
• Date and place of birth
• Participation in officially recognized activities and sports
• Weight and height of members of athletic teams
• Dates of attendance
• Degrees and awards received
• Most recent /previous educational agency or institution attended by the student

Questions regarding education records shall be directed to the administration.

Extended Care

Hours: 7:20 am to 7:50 am and 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

Regular Charges:
• Each student dropped off in the morning between 7:20 am and 7:50 am will be charged $1.50 for any portion of that period.
• Each student remaining for afternoon care between 3:30 pm and 4:30 pm will be charged $3.00 for any portion of that period.
• Each student remaining for afternoon care between 4:30 pm and 5:00 pm will be charged $1.50 for any portion of that period.
• Each student remaining for the 5:00 pm to 5:30 pm time frame will be charged an additional $1.50 for any portion of that period.
• Students who are in academic detention will be charged from 4:00 pm if not picked up right at 4:00 pm.

• Student A is picked up at 3:45 pm. Charge is $3.00
• Student B is picked up at 4:35 pm. Charge is $4.50.
• Student C is picked up at 5:15 pm. Charge is $6.00.

Signing in and out:
• All students must be signed in if dropped off before 7:50 am. This is for student safety as there will be no one on duty outside. Any student not signed in will be assessed a $10.00 penalty. Parents picking up in the afternoon during extended care time are required to initial the charge sheet. This MUST be done when the students are picked up.
• Note: Failure to sign students in on the extended care sheet in the morning or out of extended care in the afternoon will result in a $10.00 fine for that parent.
• If families are car pooling, the parent picking up or dropping off may sign for all the students in the car pool, but each family will be billed separately.

Extra Charges:
• If students are dropped off before 7:20 am the parent will pay an extra $10.00 fee. It is unlikely that there would be anyone at the school before 7:20 am to receive the early student.
• If your student is not picked up by 5:30 pm, there will be an extra fee of $.50 per minute with a daily maximum of $30.00. This fee will begin at 5:31 pm. Our teachers make appointments and schedule their personal lives on the schedule of leaving at 5:30 pm. It is unreasonable and extremely inconvenient to ask them to stay after 5:30 pm. For car pools, only the driver will be charged.
• If you know that you will be late, please call the school as early as possible. You will still be charged the extra fee, but the teacher won't be worried.

• Charges for the month will be totaled on the last Friday of the month. The bill will be sent home the following Monday. Payment will be due by the fifth of the month (August bill is due Sept. 5th, etc.)
• If you have a question about your bill please phone the office.
• If you plan to used extended care as a child deduction on your income tax, you will need to retain your monthly bills. VCS DOES NOT send a year-end total to parents.
• Please note that extended care charges are due by the fifth of the month and are subject to late charge if overdue.

Students who are in academic detention will be charged from 4:00 pm if not picked up right at 4:00 pm.

The 52 Club

The Need:
In order to prepare for the future, in October 1986 the church council decided to implement the "52 club" faith promise program. This program provides income for the purchase of buildings or land. Several years ago, as we examined our enrollment and looked to the future of Victory Christian School, we were fast approaching the limits of our present physical plant. We thank God for His rich blessings in this ministry. We outgrew our facilities in 1991 when our enrollment grew to 135 and purchased two new classrooms. Again in 1992 we outgrew our facilities and through prayer and the donations to the "52 Club" we were able to purchase the portable classroom building. In 1994 we were again beyond our physical limits. Thanks to many donations and prayers we were able to purchase our current facilities. We were able to build the new block fences and gates during the summer of 2006 to help secure our campus. The continues growth of VCS is dependent upon faithful donations to the "52 Club". VCS thanks those who have given consistently from a dollar a week to larger amounts. Your continued donations will provide for future growth.

What is a faith promise?
Ask the Lord how much He want you to give. Agree, in faith, to the amount He indicates and promise to give as He provides. This is to be over and above your current giving to the Lord's work.

Who may be involved?
We encourage all who want to see this part of the Lord's work continue to progress to participate in this program. This includes students, parents, grandparents, other relatives, and friends. Let's all join together in this effort and share in the spiritual blessings that are in store for us.

How does the program work?
The church will keep a record of who is participating and provide special envelopes for each participant to use for this offering, so it can be kept separate from other monies. We will not keep a record of how much each person gives; that is your responsibility. You may give weekly, monthly, or all at one time if that is the way the Lord provides. We are recommending two dollars per week for those who can give this amount, but realize that some, especially students, may only be able to give twenty-five cents. Some may be able to give more. This is between you and the Lord.

How do I start?
You start by praying about what the Lord would have you give during the next 52 weeks ("52 Club"). Fill out the form below, cut it off and return it to the church or school. If desired, envelopes are available in the church foyer.

My Faith Promise


City:__________________State:_______ Zip:_________

In dependence upon God, I will give _____________ per _______________ for the next 12 months.

Date:________________ Signed________________________


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