God's Handiwork

June 15, 2017


Someone recently asked me "Why is mathematics important?"  I had to stop and step back for a moment.  Mathematics has always been a large part of my life, and if you think about it, a large part of your life as well.  From balancing the everyday checkbook register to paying bills on-line to making sure you get the correct change at the grocery store, math is a vital part of our daily life.  Through the lens of mathematics, we observe and know the living God as sovereign of the universe, the divine designer and orderly creator of all things.  We see God's handiwork in so much of our world - fractals in plants, the orbits of the solar system and the waves of the ocean.  God has also enabled us to apply mathematical knowledge and techniques in our wise management of financial resources, constructing solid building structures for private and public use and engineering sustainable transportation and housing development systems.


Here at VCS, I believe that developing mathematical thinking and reasoning skills is important to effectively communicate a logical, comprehensible progression of steps.  These daily learned steps are needed to obtain a positive solution in almost any given situation.  I believe that can be achieved by building on previously acquired skills.  Those skills along with repetition and practice become useful in every assignment while instructing students in the importance of math in daily life.  Hand-on activities are also incorporated as is current technology when appropriate.


I thoroughly enjoy teaching mathematics from a Godly perspective as well as showing the students the abundant applications of mathematics in their world.  It is a blessing to see the students get excited about mathematics during instructional time, observing mathematics in nature and applying mathematics in their daily lives.

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