Students' Greatest Need is a Biblical Worldview

July 25, 2017

To be honest; the world is dangerous and filled with evil. British courts have decided that an 11-month-old must die, in spite of his parents’ wishes to continue treatment with the money that they have raised. Muslim terror groups in Africa have displaced millions of people causing widespread famine. An activist gunned down American politicians at baseball practice. And all of that has been this summer.



It often feels like the world has gone crazy, but it hasn’t. Each of these people and groups have acted within their worldview, thinking they will improve the world. Each is acting on what they believe, and each believes that they are right. Condemning a child to die, causing widespread death and famine, and actively shooting an elected official are all part of some very dangerous and destructive worldviews. Ideas have consequences. That’s scary.


But the other end of spectrum is the truth that God created this world. He has woven His wisdom throughout it (Proverbs 8) and those that fear the Lord will have success. (Proverbs 10:27) Therefore a Biblical worldview is going to improve anyone’s life, no matter where they are in life. These ideas also have consequences. That’s amazing.


In this world, sin and sinners are glorified and normalized throughout our culture. Prejudiced attitudes against Christianity and Christians are becoming more mainstream; but by learning a Biblical worldview and how it relates to other worldviews, students can understand other people’s motivations and deal with those people wisely.


Also by understanding a truly Biblical worldview, people will be able to reject the evil ideas and actions that tempt them. Whether it’s an outright sin, like sex outside of marriage, or simply ill-advised, like having a mountain of debt, the wisdom of a Biblical worldview will help people make wise choices. They will know to avoid the traps of the world, the flesh, and the devil. When Biblical thinking permeates their lives, they will truly be able to be a good success. (Joshua 1:8)


Biblical worldview education is tremendously valuable. It helps in the day to day life of a student, since it can be applied to every decision they make. It helps throughout their entire life, since it will never be outdated. It also helps a person eternally, since a person can deal with their sin problem and be part of the family of God. Without avoiding any other educational objective, we strive to have and use a truly Biblical worldview.



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