Back to School Basics: Your Secret Weapon

August 22, 2018

Your Secret Weapon for Success: A Calendar or Planner 


At VCS, elementary students are required to keep a composition notebook that they write all their homework in. This is checked by their parents and teachers to make sure the work gets done. Often, when students get to middle school or high school, they don’t think such things are necessary. But this is mistaking a lifelong lesson for a childhood chore. As many adults can tell you, scheduling your responsibilities is an amazingly important life skill.


It is a fact that “the weakest ink is stronger than the strongest memory.” Everyone benefits from writing down their responsibilities. From Architects to Mr. Zahn, anyone can forget important things. It is unreasonable to think, “Oh, I’ll remember.” You might, but why risk your success on something as weak as human memory?


Get a planner. It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. A simple calendar or even a blank spiral notebook will do the job. The vital thing is that you use it. Write down your homework, projects, test and quiz dates, everything! Do it every day.


The truth is that by writing it down in the same place all the time, you can easily figure out how to organize your time. If your friends want to hang out, you can check your planner and, ‘hey, presto,” you know if and when you can do it. If you can’t remember what books you need to take home today, check the planner. Bingo! You know what subjects you need. You won’t need to call friends for homework assignments. You have it written down. You won’t be questioning if you finished all your homework. You have it written down. You will remember that you have a test next week, that your book report is due in a month, and that you have a quiz tomorrow, because it is all written down in the planner.


 Learn the lesson that will help you throughout your life. Organize and write down your responsibilities. It might seem hard or boring, but it will quickly pay you back with more time and freedom. Don’t believe me. Go ahead, and try it. I dare you.



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