Back to School Basics: Organizing Your Locker

August 29, 2018


School has begun. Every year, students everywhere have to adapt to their new school schedule. Sometimes students don’t bother to think through how to use their lockers. This leads to panic in the locker hallways, as people try frantically to get all the things they need to class on time, or give up and start hauling everything everywhere. This is hard on all the students and easily avoidable.


First, organize your locker. Label your folders on the spine, so that you can find each subject quickly. Once, you’ve covered your textbooks, mark their spines too. This is much easier with paper covers, but a piece of tape on cloth covers will also work. Make sure you leave plenty of space to move the things into and out of the locker.


Second, consider your day. Keep your morning class books and folders together, and switch them out when it is easiest to do so. For instance, at VCS, the Bible classroom and the choir room are the farthest away from the lockers. So, you will have less time going to and from these classes. Think about grabbing your Bible books a period ahead of time, if that is better for your schedule, or bring your next period’s books to Bible class. Also, remember to keep some assignments with you in choir. Downtime can easily be used to finish assignments.


Third, use lunchtime to your advantage. Students have the most time to get to lunch. Consider switching your morning books to afternoon at lunch. If you find that difficult, keep one backpack for morning subjects and another backpack for afternoon subjects. Just remember to switch your schedule/planner, and keep pens and pencils in both bags.


 Fourth, don’t carry unnecessary weight. Put papers in the folders they need to be in, instead of smashed in your bag. Only take textbooks where you need too. Don’t haul unnecessary things around with you all day, like your lunchbox, P.E. clothes, or drawing supplies.

A little thought into using your locker wisely can make your day much easier!

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