Cultivating the Garden of the Mind

September 12, 2018

Every day at school, teachers are trying to engage the students’ minds. It’s not always an easy task. Every student has thought, “Why do we have to learn this?” It can be hard to do the work and study topics when we don’t see the value in them. We want everything to be easy. But that’s a trap. The goal of learning is to be able to think better than we can now. So our schooling is directly affected by the work we put into it.


It reminds me of gardening. In order to have a successful garden, you have to put in a lot of work. The soil needs tilling and fertilizing. The plants have to be carefully and thoughtfully planted. Then they need continual maintenance, watering, and weeding. But when you do these things you have an incredible, fruitful garden. The fruit it produces is amazing. And often these gardens are so profitable that the gardeners can share their produce with their friends.


 The education of a mind is the same. The stubborn mind needs to be loosened up to learn. The lesson has to be carefully put into the ready mind. And with continual study and effort, the student’s mind grows and blooms. Then wrong thinking has to be weeded out. When the student puts in continual effort, the benefits help them and those around them. Their mind becomes strong and able to do amazing things.


Few students will use all the facts they learn in school. But every one of them will need to have an adult mind capable of taking in information, analyzing it, and using it to benefit themselves and the people around them.



 So, don’t give up. Don’t quit. Keep up the constant work. The discipline you learned from getting through algebra will help you every day. The reasoning you learned through your literature and history classes will benefit you. The grammar and vocabulary you learned will help you express yourself. The habits of study will help you through the challenges life gives you. Don’t wait-plant the habits of good thinking today.


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