Moderation: A Virtue for Modern Times

September 19, 2018

We live in the all-you-can-eat buffet world. We are regularly presented with tons of options for us to over-indulge in. Everyone, including school students, has to deal with the near-constant temptation that “too much” brings.


 We know what it is to over-eat, but it is increasingly popular for people to overindulge in many other areas too. Watching an entire season of a TV show in a day (binge-watching) has become popular. People are spending more and more time with their phones, tablets, computers, etc. We often see or know of those who can’t seem to put these things down for a face-to-face conversation or an uninterrupted meal.


 If we’re not careful, we can hurt our real relationships with these things. It isn’t healthy to over-eat. It also isn’t healthy to overindulge in videos, movies, games, social media, or the internet. Remember the wisdom of the past: “Enough is as good as a feast.”


 Another danger is that of poor quality. The food at a buffet may be fine, but usually it is far inferior to the same foods produced individually. I would much rather have a plate of excellent food served to me at a restaurant than a buffet of poor quality food for all. When we are indulging in the distractions of life, we need to limit them. They are often bad substitutes for a much better thing. I’d rather give up followers on social media to spend time with my friends in person. We need to be aware of these things in all of our life.

Some tips to help your students:

  • Get involved in their internet world.  Play their games with them, follow the YouTube channels that they do, talk to them about these interests.

  • Help them substitute real world diversions for virtual ones: a family game night, trips to the zoo or park, and phone-free family meals for example.

  • Model restraint: Students will catch the behavior you want much easier if they see you living it before them.

 Remember, there is a need for moderation in all areas of our lives. If we live by this virtue, our lives will be filled with a variety of real experiences.


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