Succeeding on the ACT

The ACT is an important test for those going to college. It is used to determine admissions to college. Also, many scholarships are based on the ACT score. By doing well on this test, a student will have more options and more opportunities regarding their college education.



Mr Frey's Tips for Succeeding on the ACT



  • Challenge yourself in high school by taking the tough courses. Taking the tough classes will prepare you for the content required to be successful in taking the ACT.

  • Apply yourself in all your classes so you learn the material necessary to be successful on the test.

  • Register for the test as early as you can ( This allows you to get your first choice for testing sites.

  • Juniors should take the ACT for the first time in April of their junior year.

  • Take Mr. Frey's ACT Science Test Help Classes. These are designed to help you understand the thinking behind the charts and application parts of the science test.


  • Have a practice run one week before the real test.

  • Get up early the Saturday before the real test.

    • Shower and dress well.

    • Eat a healthy breakfast.

    • Take the practice ACT at the same time of day that you will be taking the real ACT the next week. Time yourself.

    • Score the test.

  • Look over what you missed and figure out why.

  • Ask your teachers about any questions you can’t figure out yourself.

  • Eat healthy and go to bed early every night during the week before the test.


  • Eat a healthy breakfast.

  • Leave your house early and arrive at the testing site early.

  • Bring your ACT paper ticket and your driver’s license.

  • Bring several sharp No. 2 pencils and your approved calculator with new batteries.

  • Bring a watch to pace yourself.


  • Read the instructions carefully.

  • Read each question carefully.

  • Answer the easy questions first.

  • Use logic on the harder questions.

  • Answer all questions even if you are not certain about the correct answer.

  • Check your work if you finish early.

  • Make sure you mark your answers clearly and precisely on your answer sheet.  Double check that all answers correspond to the correct question number.


  • Go over the results with Mr. Frey at your June appointment.

  • Discuss the results and develop a plan for improving your score during your senior year.

  • Take practice tests during the summer.

  • ACT's research shows that most students will raise their score one point be retaking the test. Victory's students average closer to two points. You may take the test again in September, October and December of your senior year.

If you will take the ACT seriously and prepare carefully, you will have a very good chance of achieving a good score.



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