Financial Tips from VCS

October 10, 2018


Recently, I asked the Victory Christian School faculty and staff for money management tips that have helped them. Here is some of what they had to say.


Mr. Miller: Give the first fruits back to God (10% tithe). God has always met our needs after we have given our tithe first.
Save for big purchases or vacations by putting money away every paycheck.


Miss Venn: Pay your bills on time, every time.


Mrs. Thomas: Always live below your means.
Tithe and save first.
Know where your money is going, and be sure that is the best use of it.


Mrs. Miller: Have a budget for monthly expenses and stick to it.
Pay the complete balance on monthly credit card bills.
All financial resources come from God, to be used to bless others and meet personal finances.


Mrs. Frey: Tithe. Before I tithed regularly, I lived literally paycheck to paycheck. When I started obeying God’s command to give the tithe, I found I often had extra money at the end of the month.


Mr. Jenkins: Always underestimate income and over-estimate expenses when creating a budget, so that you will have a healthy amount of margin in your budget.


Mr. Frey: Don’t use credit cards unless you can pay them off in full at the end of the month.
Add $2 more to each mortgage payment than you paid the previous month to pay off your house early.


Mr. Loftus: Cook at home instead of eating out. Make sure to eat the leftovers!


Mr. Zahn: Invest as often as you can, as early as you can.
Never invest in things you don’t understand.
Learn to cook.


Mrs. Joy Zahn: Take a financial literacy class.  There are some good ones at and  Most financial mistakes are made out of ignorance or a lack of self-control; don't let that be you!




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