Improve the New Year by 1%

December 27, 2018

New Year's is often a time when people make resolutions--fresh commitments to make a better life for ourselves and our families. These ideas are good, and we know we should do them, but more often than not, New Year's resolutions are dropped by February. It can be difficult to change our lifestyles and habits.


There is a trick that helps with these resolutions though. Try improving an area of your life by 1%. Not 10% or 150%, but 1%. That is a fairly small change. Don’t swear to lose twenty pounds with the newest diet, but stop drinking soda with dinner. A lot of little improvements can revolutionize your life. Over 2019, if you were to make a lot of little changes, small easy-to-do improvements, your life would be massively improved. 


If you were to walk the dog more thoroughly, floss everyday, avoid soft drinks, and eat extra vegetables with dinner for over a year, there would be a vast improvement to your health. But if you firmly stick to that revolutionary diet for only three weeks in January, by the end of 2019, your health would be the same or worse. Small changes are doable, and all together a dozen small changes make a big difference.


This is much more important in our relationships with friends and family. Think about it. How much better would life be if you instituted small changes? You could meet with a friend for coffee once a month, call mom each week, play with the kids every Thursday afternoon, eat together as a family an extra time each week. Over a year, the improvement would be tangible.


Or imagine how much closer to God you would be with some small changes. If you read your Bible for ten minutes or so a day, you could read through the entire Bible in 2019. If you gave 1% more to your church, or had family devotions each week, 2019 could be a year where God shows up much more dynamically in your lives.


Each area of life can use a 1% boost. From hygiene to your office work, from dealing with the car to dealing with your spouse, each of us can think of a little improvement that wouldn’t be hard to do. This year, let’s improve our resolutions by making them deliberately modest.  Because fulfilling them is what really matters.



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